Rockport Men’s Classic Lite Penny Loafer, Black, 11.5 M US

February 19, 2020 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Very sad experience. Don’t purschase There is a disclaimer that comes in the box to warn of possible discoloration of the burgundy, and not to be alarmed. So, when there was discoloration (after about 2 weeks of wear) I thought it might be temporary and I failed to act on it. Unfortunately it was NOT temporary and my shoes are almost useless to me for what they were intended – a business casual style. I’m outside the window of return otherwise I would ask the seller to be accountable for this. My loss. Don’t make the same mistake…

Anonymous says:

Don’t get them wet at all!!!! I’ve worn these shoes about five times, I love a burgundy / cordovan color shoe and I have always had good luck with Rockport. I wore the shoes today and it by mid afternoon the weather turned to rain. When I got home I took the shoes off to dry them with a towel and all the color came off the sides of the shoe in one gentle wipe. I now own two orange / burgundy shoes! Horrible, I’m so disappointed and wish I could post the pictures of them here.

Anonymous says:

Same shoe but much larger now This loafer became one of my favorite shoes for work and business travel several years ago and I bought several replacements since my first pair. However, the pair delivered with my last order were a half size larger than the ones I currently wear despite being marked with the same size and SKU numbers. I was stepping out of the heals even after changing to thick socks. The size difference was much more than normal production variation so I am not sure if I trust Rockport enough order online…

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