Marc Ecko Men’s Gavin Penny Loafer

August 14, 2016 - Comment

Comfortable suede slip on

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Comfortable suede slip on


Ronald E Jackson says:

Nice shoes The sole pulled away from the shoe right in the inside bend on both shoes nothing major,little super glue and the problem taken care of.I would not hesitate to buy another pair….Great comfort!

Adam Kruvand says:

Tortured Soles I bought these on sale for $18. How bad could they be? These are terrible shoes. I have narrow feet and these are too narrow for me. I oiled the leather and tried to stretch them, but the sole is just a really bad shape. They are really painful. So much so the one day i tried to wear them to the family bbq, I stopped at the outlet mall on the way and bought some Bass loafers to change into. Waste of $18.

Mohamed says:

Four Stars Too small.

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